The Lost Legacy: Find all Hoysala Tokens and Get Queen’s Ruby

The Lost Legacy is the latest expansion to the Uncharted action adventure video game series from the developer Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. The game brings new collectible items called Hoysala Token and you’ll find these items in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats. If you've found all 11 of these Tokens, you'll get the special "The Queen’s Ruby" item. This is not only cosmetic, but also helps you to find treasures. In this guide, we show you the locations of all 11 Hoysala Tokens.

Here is a map, which shows you all the Token locations.

The Hoysala Tokens are hidden in various places and sometimes you have to solve some puzzles to reach their locations. However, sometimes they are also hidden behind walls that you can break with a C4 or targeted shell.

Once you have collected all eleven Hoysala Tokens, return to the ruins in the north east and place them on the wall map. This opens the small container in front of you and you get the special item Queen’s Ruby for Chloe.

All 11 Hoysala Token Locations

1 - After you have interacted with the wall map in the ruin, a gate opens to your left, behind which the first Hoysala Token hides.

2 - Just south of the ruin you’ll find a hole. First, you must connect the well cover with your grab hook and then pull it over the bar from above to raise it. Dive into the hole and collect your Token.

3 - Directly southeast of the ruin. Climb the wall up in the area with the bells, then shoot the seven bells one after the other to remove the bars that block you from entering the room. Don’t take too long here, otherwise the bells will be silenced and you will have to shoot them again.

4 - A little further southeast you find another Token. Just climb the tower and swing over the platforms to a small cave with the Token inside.

5 - Just west of the Fort in the southeast. Clear the gun outposts of all enemies and then destroy the wall with grenades or C4 to get the Token.

6 - From the fifth Token from far west you will find the next one. For this you have to climb up the wall and swing five times with your grab hook to get to a hidden area. Here again you have to destroy a wall to get the Token.

7 - In the middle of the water level in the south-west stands a larger elephant statue. Just before that you can dive into an underground cave for the next Token.

8 - At the sea front post just north of the water level. Get rid of all the enemies and break the wall to get the next Token.

9 - In the middle of the map, there are several small ruins just to the east of the large lookout tower. In the center, on the roof of the ruins you find a switch that you need to press. In this way water fountains are fired on the roofs of the other ruins. Now swing from ruin to ruin and press the floor of the fountains until all have disappeared. Now you have to return to the starting point and press the delta key. The whole thing you have to complete under time pressure.

10 - A little further north you come to the forest outpost. There you find a wall again, but the rebels were faster than you and have already collected the Token. Fortunately, they hid it only a few meters further in a box on the loading area of the van. Crack the lock and grab your Token in it.

11 - The last Token you find directly west of the ax-fort in the north-west. Climb up the wall and solve the simple puzzle so that the locked gate opens with the Token in it.