Knights of the Frozen Throne Boss guide - prologue

In this guide to Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne, we have summarized all the details and some useful tips for the prologue as well as the first three missions and boss battle tips for you.

The first enemy you’ll encounter in the prologue of Knights of the Frozen Throne is Lich King. Unfortunately, you don’t have many chances in this battle and it's more about the story than about the possible victory against this opponent. Soon you’ll find out that Tirion Fordring is on his way to help you. However, you must wait three games, which is also shown on the field. This waiting time is an advantage for the Lich King because he defeats you within these first three moves. Here, you are not dying but you are re-enacting Jaina as Frost. The Lich King seems to have fulfilled his task and his armies richer by one member. Through your new powers, this battle is easy for you.

If you win this battle, you’ll get a random Death knight hero card as a reward, and he persuades you once again to return to the side of the living. Therefore, for a long time, your existence as a death knight did not stop, and the Lich King is even more angry now in the next missions.

In the lower citadel, you’ll encounter three bosses: Lord Marrowgar, Deathbringer Saurfang and Lady Deathwisper . In contrast to the first mission in the prologue, in the fight against these three powerful opponents, you can assemble your decks yourself and choose your class before the beginning of the battle.

Boss Battle:Lord Marrowgar

This boss has the heroic ability of skeletal reconstruction that heals his full life in use for 0 mana . This will force you to kill the boss in one move, as otherwise he will be completely healed again and again.

To make your life a bit more difficult, Lord Marrowgar uses cards such as bone spines, skeletal knights, or bone storms (1 damage to all servants) in battle. A deck with many small servants or servants with divine symbols is not really worthwhile.

A selection of decks, with which the first bosses of the lower citadel can be successfully defeated.

Boss Battle: Deathbringer Saurfang

This boss seems like an easy opponent, because he has only 20 health points. However, he cannot be easily defeated at second sight, because you can only harm him if you use a weapon. So, not every class is suitable for this fight, since not all heroes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft can use a weapon.

In addition, he plays a lot of servants who have a mock, so their Saurfang can not always directly attack. This is to keep under control, and defeat the Deathbringer, before his death by cards such as Bloodstorm (heals Saurfang at the beginning of his turn) seems almost impossible.

Boss Battle: Lady Deathwisper

The third and the final boss of the first wing is Lady Deathwisper. She possesses the heroism of Whisper of Death (inflicts 1 damage to all servants until they have 1 health), which she will always uses at the beginning of her turn. This threatens the use of Valithria Dreamwalker who will help you in this fight.

With 30 attack points, Valithria can be useful against the 90 points armor and 30 health points your opponent has. However, the dragon can only attack if he is not hurt...

A good way to defeat this boss is to choose the priest as a class for your deck. Finally, you will be given a large selection of healing spells and will be able to restore Valithria to attack again when you are on the train. Furthermore, you have the possibility to silence the dragon, so that it can always attack, even if it does not have full health. If you take this step, it can also be attacked and removed from the game board.

If you have defeated all three bosses in the  prologue, you will receive a card pack from Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne.-