Destiny 2: Lost Sectors and Loot Faming at a glance

In Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are new open world activities. Earlier they were presented earlier as opponent dungeons, with unique bosses protecting treasures. To get into a Lost Sector, you don’t have to load a new instance, as is the case with Strikes or Story missions. Instead, you can enter these activities without loading times when you are pushing for your open world exploration. They are optional activities - similar to public events. You can attack them, but you can also simply go past them.

The has already been able to play Destiny 2 in the European death zone. The author stumbled over a Lost Sector. Here is gameplay material of it.

The idea behind a Lost Sector is already known: One discovers in the Open World a sign, which points to a Lost Sector. When you see this symbol, you know: There is something nearby.

Then the area is searched for the entrance, which leads one into this sector. There are several enemies and a boss. Defeat the boss. This will drop a cache code, which can loot the loot chest. Then you can leave the Lost Sector and explore the world further

In the gameplay video, you can see a Lost Sector in the EDZ. It is located inside a building. The author writes that he was in a public event when he discovered the symbol for the Lost Sector. He went deeper into the building, where they were waiting for him.

The boss in the sector is called Calzar. He is a Scarred Captain, who can plug in some. When he was defeated, the squad received the cache code. In the chest was a blue armor part, an EDZ token (which can increase the reputation for the new character Devrim Kay) and 700 mica. Lost Sector looted appears on the left side of the screen.

Dualshockers draws the conclusion: Lost Sectors are short and sweet. The bouts don’t last long - depending on their own level - but the Lost Sectors are satisfying, as it is exciting to go deep and explore them. And there is also Loot.

According to dualshockers, the Lost Sectors are displayed on the target map, yet they are not easy to find. The entrance was only to be discovered. In addition, it should be possible to repeat these after a certain time.