Overwatch: What is Team Deathmatch and How It Works?

The Deathmatch mode was requested by many Overwatch fans over a longer period of time but the developer was always said that Overwatch was not the right game for this special multiplayer mode. However, with the implementation of the Arcade in Overwatch, it was much easier them to implement ideas and concepts that would not be used for the normal game. The Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode also added.

In this special game mode, it is simply a question of getting the most kills. In the standard Deathmatch everyone plays alone and in Team Deathmatch, you have to try and reach the most kills for your team. All kills of players from a team are added to the team account, and the team with the most kills wins the game.

Blizzard has developed a special statistic for this mode, in which you can then see the already acquired kills. You can open them by pressing the Tab key in the game.

You play against seven other players. You can choose any hero you and then you have to deal with this hero so well that you can reach 20 points - kills from other players.

Pick Your Hero

If you are better than half the players in a deathmatch, you will be counting on your weekly arcades, which will surely make this game for fans who are not so serious about the rankings. You get Loot boxe as a reward by wining three Arcade games and thereby you’ll get a chance on chic skins and other ingame items.

Team Deathmatch - 6 vs. 6

In principle, this is the most kills of opponents. However, in a team of six players, you are playing against another team and you have to score 30 kills to win the match. In Team Deathmatch, for example, Mercy's Ultimate Revival is an interesting thing because by using this ability, the other team is even taken a kill.

New Map and Special Versions of Old Maps for This Mode

Furthermore, many of the overwatch maps have been adapted to suit the mode. So you will be fighting for glory and honor at famous battlefields, even if you don’t have to take control points.

As a highlight, you will expect a completely new map, Château Guillard, which was only developed for Deathmatch mode and it is the home for Amélie Guillard, who after her wedding took the surname Lacroix and is probably better known as Widowmaker.

However, in the Team Deathmatch, you will be on other maps than in any-versus-any mode. For example, the Château should not be so much fun with its construction in the team, but maps like the Black Forest, Ecopoint: Antarctic and the Necropolis - the Arena maps.