In this mini guide to One Piece Unlimited World Red you will learn how to unlock new characters in the game. In a table, we list you the new, playable characters check them out below:

Nami - There are two duels

Robin - Two wins with Nami

Sanji, Zorro - Went up in B League

Usopp, Chopper - No. 1 in C League

Franky - 6 Lock with Zorro

Brook - Two wins with Sanji + female character

Boa Hancock - Three brawls

Crocodile - 15 evasive maneuvers with Hanckock + effect of item word five times

Ace - Five-time Battle Royal + compound attack

Jimbei - Eight special attacks + 20 + 2 times dodge with Ace Ace and Luffy connection with attacks

Buggy - Once Boss Storm + three times a Battle Royal with Luffy

Shanks - Flatten 20 bosses with buggy +25 evasive maneuvers and attacks with 2 connection Buggy

Akainu - Defeated bosses 90 + compound 6 attacks + Aakainu defeated once with Ace

De Flamingo - Complete Kampfkolosseum

Whitebeard - 600 enemies defeated with Shanks + captured three wins with Ace and
Jimbei and the Kampfkolosseum

Fujitora - Win boss fight


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