Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox One) Keys, Codes, Secrets, trophies, achievements and advice.

There is large number of unlockables available to us in the second installment of the Resident Evil Revelations series and we list below the achievements and how we obtain them:

Penal colony: Complete the first episode.

Sprinter (Episode 1) Complete the first episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 1) Complete the first episode in Invisible mode.

Bounty Hunter: Get a total of 50,000 PB.

A flamethrower: In the first episode of Claire escapes from prison unused bust flamethrower.

Cure for the Afflicted: Defeat 100 Afflicted in Campaign mode.

Harvest Revenants: Defeat 100 Revenants in Campaign mode.

Sharpening: Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in Campaign mode.

Stick to your guns: Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in Campaign mode.

Rest in peace: Perform 50 hits lethal in Campaign mode.

From the Shadows: Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in Campaign mode.

Go toward the light: Use the flashlight to dazzle Moira 50 enemies in Campaign mode.

Weapons: Complete the first episode of the main campaign alone with the knife.

In row !: Defeat two enemies with a single shot in Campaign mode.

Disarming: Destroy 30 armed arms Revenant.

A misstep: Shoot 30 Afflicted in the air while jumping in Campaign mode.

Friend Indeed: Rescue your partner 10 times in Campaign mode.

Arded damn !: Defeat at least 5 enemies with a homemade bomb or a Molotov cocktail in Campaign mode.

First assault: Complete a mission Assault mode.

Nostalgia: Evaluates an object in the Assault mode.

Contemplation: Complete the second episode.

Sprinter (Episode 2): Complete the second episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 2): Complete the second episode in Invisible mode.

Insecticide: Defeat 20 Glasps in Campaign mode.

Judgment: Complete the third episode.

Sprinter (Episode 3): Complete the third episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 3): Complete the third episode in Invisible mode.

Good thinking: Get the object behind the gate in the third episode of the Campaign Barry.

Metamorphosis: Complete the fourth.

Sprinter (Episode 4) Complete the fourth episode in Trial mode.

Sixth Sense (Episode 4) Complete the fourth episode in Invisible mode.

Wayfarer, there is a path Complete the two paths through the landfill in the fourth episode of the Campaign Barry.

Good ways: Defeat 50 enemies with the lever Moira in Campaign mode.

Brick by brick: Defeat 20 enemies with a brick playing as Natalia in Campaign mode.

Teamwork: Disables an enemy with Moira to Claire gets a physical attack in Campaign mode.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Complete an operation in the Assault mode.

Sorry, Pedro ... Defeat Mutant Pedro in the second episode of the Campaign Claire.

Trauma exceeded: Make Moira finished with Neil in the third episode of the campaign Claire.

Sight ...: Defeat 6 Glasp on the monument, fourth ep. Claire campaign, in diff. Normal or higher.

Decorated (Episode 1): Get all the medals of the first episode.

Decorated (Episode 2): Get all the medals of the second episode.

Decorated (Episode 3): Get all the medals in the third episode.

Decorated (Episode 4): Get all the medals fourth.

If you know more tricks of Resident Evil Revelations 2 xone not hesitate to share them with us. The whole community will thank you.

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