Do you want to customize your car then you have a lot of possibilities in Rocket League. There are 199 items to choose from, embellished with your own: Battle-Cars with new paint, missile traces and even hats. We will show you how to unlock all items in the game below.

In Rocket League; stickers, chic and trendy wheels antennas provide the right amount of style after scoring a goal. However, you have to unlock them gradually. How do the modifications for your Battle-Cars will come, you learn here.

Rocket League: unlock items

After each match that you have finished in any game mode, you'll get an item. It does not matter whether you won a match or not. Of the items, there are total of 199 collectibles, which are divided into the following categories:

- Body Parts: 11 pieces
- Stickers: 70 pieces
- Finishes: 5 pieces
- Wheels and Rims : 25 pieces
- Missile track: 36 pieces
- Roof attachments: 18 pieces
- Antenna: 34 items

Since its beginning has been more than 32 items, you must complete 165 games to get all the other items. The remaining 2 you will receive with the last car “Sweet Tooth”. As you unlock this, you are experiencing the tip Rocket League: cars - so it turns all vehicles free. In the main menu you can see under the item Tools, and see exactly how many matches you have already completed.


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