Tom Clancy's The Division makes use of the Snowdrop engine that has been specially developed by developer Massive Entertainment for the game. The graphics engine focuses on dynamic lighting, destructible environments and a great level of detail in the visual effects. During the beta phase, the details in the graphics settings are now famous.

All graphics options in detail

Here you can find settings for shadows, visual effects, the light intensity, the thickness of the fog and even the snowflakes. It is assumed that the highest settings will also bring high-end computers to their limits. In addition to the settings for resolution and refresh rates you can see in all other configuration options in the following list.

V-sync - On / Off
Frame Rate Limit - On / Off
Shadow Quality - Low / Medium / High
Shadow Resolution - Low / Medium / High
Spot Shadow Count - Low / Medium / High
Spot Shadow Resolution - Low / Medium / High
Contact Shadows - On / Off
Post FX AA - On / Off
Temoporal AA - Supersampling
Sharpen Image - 0-100%
Particle Detail - Low / Medium / High
Enable wind-affected Snow - Yes / No
Volumetric Fog - Low / Medium / High
Reflection Quality - Low / Medium / High

Local Reflection Quality - Low / Medium / High
Sub-Surface Scattering - Yes / No
Anisotropic filtering - Off / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x
Parallax Mapping - Low / Medium / High
Ambient Occlusion - On / Off
Depth of Field - On / Off
Object Detail - 0-100%
Extra Streaming Distance - 0-100%
Chromatic aberration - Yes / No
Lens Flare - Yes / No
Vignette Effect - Yes / No


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