In the new expansion for The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine, you get the opportunity to dye the witcher’s armors in different colors. For this purpose you need the respective colors. However, the dyes are not cheap and the recipes for this you must first find.

Have you set aside enough crowns and no longer need them, then you need only go into the inventory and there weapons filter and armor. In Blood and Wine, now there are several vials of dyes are are available. There you can simply select a color to dye your armor, pick and buy. Here is a selection of colors that are available to you:


A vial with color will cost around 160 crowns, but for some colors you need to spend more than 200. If you want to save the money to invest in the construction of the property, then you have another way to get the colors.

Dye: Find Recipes (Location)

Since there are many new opportunities to spend your money in the new DLC Blood and Wine, it is advisable to embark on the search for the recipes for the dyes and thus to save the valuable crowns.

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