The Sims 3 Into the Future: Build a House using new features

The Sims 3 Into the Future allows a series of modern and exotic combinations of Sims to the house. Enjoy all of the tools that the game has to offer along with the expansion of new objects. Leave it to a futuristic air or keep your feet in this same, what matters is to have fun with the possibility of being an architect, albeit virtually.

Step 1: The first thing to do is make sure your Sims have enough money. Open the command screen by typing Ctrl + Shift + C, type "motherlode" and hit enter. 50,000 simoleons will appear in your account. Repeat the process as often as necessary. Care, although this is a code of the game itself, The Sims 3 In the Future There are consequences, continuous space-time is changed and when you travel to the future their descendants will have suffered some unexpected changes.

Step 2: Even before you start making the house, remove the Sims from the area to be constructed, clean dishes and dirt because they can not be deleted in buy mode. Retain favorite objects in the family inventory for that, click the icon in an open box buy mode.

Step 3: Go into build mode, plants, and then the bush tab. Choose a unique expansion in the future: the Ilex-burford Light. Despite occupying a space of 2 × 2, load them with only one space away from the other. Thus they overlap slightly creating a beautiful hedge.

Step 4: For highly sensitive activities, such as creating a robot with consciousness, create a basement. Choose option basements and make a square with your mouse. Leave a space for the pool, but it can not override the basement. When laying the floor of the first floor, put a ladder down and take it to the basement.

Step 5: Covered Garage: Make a square wall. Press Shift to switch control between straight and square line. Put floors throughout the first and second floors, to accelerate the process just put a floor on the ground and press Shift. Erase the wall of the right corner and remodel as a garage, the top floor will remain even without support.

Step 6: For a more realistic impression of architecture, place columns on the first floor as if they were holding the garage ceiling. Also buy a garage, without it you can not buy a car.

Step 7: Make a square of walls to the second floor and cut the areas where you would like a balcony. If you create an automatic roof, they will be undesirably covered. Grab the creator of roofs, press and hold Ctrl and hover over the areas to be cleared.

Step 8: Different Pool: Use the creator round pool to put four rounded corners with a distance of four squares between them. To rotate the arrow hit "<" and ">". Complete spaces rectangular pool least halfway, to create an island. Continue drawing the pool as you see fit. A futuristic architecture blends with the spirit of expansion.

Step 9: Open the screen command with Ctrl + Shift + C and type "moveobjects on". That way you can put larger objects than space, as this sculpture of 4 × 8 squares in a space of 4 × 4. Another cool option is if you have already received a visit from the Time Traveller put the time portal on the island. This command also serves to better align the garbage can and mailbox with the door.

Step 10: To finish, construction complete with doors, windows and lights. The expansion bet that in the future giant glass windows are very fashionable, there are several of them to purchase. Be sure to choose one of the cars of the future to take your family for a walk. Another option is the Pulsed Laser, which in addition to decorating with lights also develops a creative skill.


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