Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) - MH4U tips, strategy guide

Kinsects Nectar

To improve your Insect Glaive you need nectar of the values of the elements or strength and increase endurance.

Sometimes you get the nectar when you have finished a quest.

But the fastest to get nectar if you go to where you have to explore the world map on the blue icon.

There is then some collection where you can collect a variety of nectar for your Kinsects.

Hot-air balloon

Yes he is there again; the good old hot air balloon guy.

Select the Wave gesture and he will show you the place where resides the great monster (saves 1 Psycho serum).

Only works for a big monster.

Monster ride & Information

One of the new features is the riding of monsters, while executing successful the monster on the ground and you can slam it without hesitation.

To ride a monster, you have to catch it with a jump attack. This is possible with any weapon, even with Bow & Crossbow. You jump off a cliff onto the monster and press A or Y for an attack, if you hit the monster, there is a chance that your hunter is seated and the rodeo starts.

Insects & Bar lance users find it easy, you do have a jump attack in which they do not require cliff to get into the air, all others must jump from one edge to perform a jump attack.

The aim is to release a blue line (Y or A), the monster will, however, try to get rid of you (indicate by the monster head). If the monster head completely devour blue line it rudely fly from the back and the monster has the chance to attack you directly.

The color of the monster head tells whether you are allowed to strike or hold. You also need (R hold) determine how fast the monster will drop.

Green (slow) - Free web hammering quickly to Y or A!

Orange (Medium) - pressed Stop your attack and included R, otherwise you're flying!

Red (very fast) - You do not think R or cross yet, so it quickly loses his grip!

Usually, the monster is 2 things to try to get rid of you, yourself maximum of 3 times in a row shake / roll or yell once, with a little practice you recognize when the monster stops and strike you again you can without lose time here.

In multiplayer mode, ALL must stop attacking the monster your comrades! You would let the monster cringe through its attacks and it flies in a high arc toward Earth.

It is always better to let make the mounted huntsman finished and while eating to use the time to sharpen the weapon to grill meat & food to swallow potions or refresh with the hunting horn buffs.

Gore Magala

If you are in the village at the volcano since completed (after the quest to Nerscylla) you should fill your pockets for a quest before you start with the ship.

The ship is attacked by Gore Magala and you have to chase him.

A weapon with the element of fire (Ex. Yan Kut-ku) is very helpful here.

Monster succumbed made easy

Attention: This strategy only works with the Glaive.

The following strategy can, in my opinion, defeat monsters quickly and effectively. For this strategy, you will need a glaive. The strategy works as follows: At the beginning of the fight you are doing the pole vault (R + B). Attack the monster in the air (X). After 1-3 successful air attack the monster will drop and you will get on its back automatically. Hold on tight with R when the monster tries to shake off you (Meanwhile, not attack). Once you have jump you'll automatically fill the monster bar successfully, and dropped a monster. Now comes the important part. You can also attack the head of the monster, according to your kipper, and send your Kinsect on the monster's head. This will gather you red elixir. This red elixir increases your attack and you can be "Nimble". This means that you with the glaive faster and can run multiple attacks than usual. Located on the monster again makes it again your pole vault. By the red elixir you will now attack 2 per jump in the air. Result, the monster goes faster falling and you can re-injure it strongly on the back. Repeat this several times and the monster will drop quickly.

Simple trick to destroy Gypceros 

Many have problems determined to destroy the head of the Gypceros. I have a simple trick to create it. Of course, all attacks should be targeted to head; which is not so easy.

Grab his head with the strongest attack and with a little luck, the head should be destroyed before he gets up again. See who you might not have the luck to be repeated again and all lead to success.

The chance is much higher whomever you destroy the head with 30% body gut with only 1%. Do not give up whom this does not happen there still can drop two other items. This is a good way to destroy the head.

Brief overview of all the fishing spots.

Ancestry steppe:

Fishing spot 1: Storage

Fishing spot 2: Area 10

Hollow sink:

Fishing spot 1: Area 2

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found


Fishing spot 1: Area 3

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found

Frost sea:

Fishing spot 1: Area 2

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found

Volcanic depression:

Fishing spot 1: Not available / Not found

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found

Sky Mountain:

Fishing spot 1: Not available / Not found

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found


Fishing spot 1: Area 4

Fishing spot 2: None / Not found

I have not yet unlocked all areas, update will follow. I hope this tip is useful for you.

Tons of Damage with GS

This is a simple guide on how to cause a lot of damage to a large monster.

With the large shear (GS) can recharge his weapon in 2 different ways. There are 4 stages with which you can inflict more damage, but watch out! The 3 stage is the strongest, on your laded your GS makes them less damage than the stage. 3

The 1 variant is the most common:

Pressing X and can be pressed, thus your weapon laded on.

Now there is a 2 variant with the you can do more damage.

Laded as in the first version on your sword, your greift and after the attack; expresses your A or X (I prefer X). Then you press X again and will see you, you are inviting your weapon, but unlike before. Now invite your weapon at level 3, and let it go again presses X. Now your turn you MITEM sword and attacks with equal force to which you have previously Loaded.

Combining Schedules 1 and 2 after you brought the monster to drop (eg by successful riding or a case), you have a very strong combo that can conquer all.

Appearance and disappearance of quests

As the game progresses many striking that some quests (eg Shagaru Magala) are suddenly available and talk about a bug, but these quests are made so that they are not always in the quest list, but randomly appear again and again and also disappear, similar to the "Advanced" quests in MH3U.

The list of quests is recreated after each game and restarts each completed quest, those random quests change.

So if you see a quest that is not always available and includes a monster that you want to hunt, then makes the quest.

It may also be that this happens when the quests are still declared as "Urgent".

Rage Tips

Frenzy is a two-edged sword, ie upstream and disadvantage. Rage can be suppressed with zero berries during infection, but it can not heal. Rage can only be cured by sleeping in camp. If you get the negative effect you can cure it with Portable Steam bomb, it acts like deodorant and you have 3 times can be taken by the vapor then the negative effect and it can even undo infection disappears, I just don’t know how long the steam at the bottom remains, but this item is switched on only in village level 8 free after you have saved the research assistant at Seltas queen. And if you can get the positive effect also hurt by making little monsters, one is forced to do not only attack gore magala for the positive effect.

Multiplayer - Riding a flying monster

If one of your buddies ride on a flying monster like Kushala or Teostra, then yes they fly around in the air. If that's the case should happen with you this: You look first in which direction the monster looks and imagine then so under the flying monsters, so you look in the opposite direction of the monster.

If that is your cronies fail, then the monster turns in the air at about 180 ° and that's the perfect time to come up with a flash bomb to bring the monster back to the ground. It is thus one way or brought down to earth

Small saving time

If you will just hit times and you play with weapons that can be tucked away very slowly, then you doing there possibly existing small jump edge-to-use. If you namely during the animation runs down there, then it skips the rest of the animation. Cut to length correctly so you can skip ungefährt 95-98% of the animation. This saves a few seconds.

Stop bleeding

Small tip for those who had not yet noticed.

To stop the bleeding you just go for about 5 seconds into a crouch, then listen to that annoying property to and you get this increased convalescence.


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