Destiny The Taken King: what's the fastest way to level Up

Bungie's shooter Destiny brings the new add-on, The Taken King, which increases the level cap from 34 to 40. Here are some useful tips to reach the current level cap as quickly as possible.

How to reach Level Cap 40 Quickly

With the new level cap of 40, you get a lot of good stuff: new quests, missions and powerful weapons and armor as well as the new artifacts. And the best part is that you can level up faster and achieve level cap 40 in one day if you follow out tips and tricks:

Preparation is everything

For an optimal start up your characters should have already reached old Level Cap of 34 so you are well prepared and can progress the new missions with less difficulty. If you are new to Destiny and the new add-on, you must first complete / unlock its first story mission and then pick up the Spark of Light from the postmaster that immediately conveyed to you at level 25 and provides you with the appropriate equipment. However, this applies only to owners of Destiny: The Taken King.

Story Level

Unlike many similar games, the story in Destiny not only brings cute Lore fluff but also valuable experience points and you get for completing each mission a rich XP bonus. If you complete the additional forays in PvE mode, you should have reached 40 at the end of the Story Level.

Take all forays

Before you throw yourselves into the new adventure, visit the tower and unlock the new forays. This is very useful for leveling fast. Kill them optimally in passing, if you already have a similar mission. Take any foray into the quest log and keep an eye on current reasonable prospect of completing this.

Keep an eye on your forays

Check out regularly your forays in the quest log. With the X or A button you can track the progress of selected forays. So you can quickly decide whether to stay in certain combat zone is worthwhile.


There are also new sidequests in The Taken King. Although these are not as lucrative as story missions, but often can do quickly in between. So keep your eyes open at the NPCs in the tower and at the reef.