Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) special arrows / crafting guide

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara must fight against many opponents from large bear to a variety of Trinity soldiers. To defeat them the protagonist can craft special arrows in the base camp but it requires different resources, which you can collect throughout the game world. Survival Hide brings you also resources with which you can craft or upgrade your arrows. Which arrows there and what impact they have, we show you in our guide below.

Silent Arrows

The Silent Arrows belong to the standard equipment of the arc and you will get them at the beginning of your gameplay. However, if you are not finding enough standard arrows, you can still crafting them.

Required material
Spring 1x
Hardwood 2x

Rope Arrows

At the beginning of your gameplay you will often encounter doors or barricades that can only be opened with this type of arrows. In addition, you can use it to connect crank with objects. Throughout the story, you will automatically unlock these special arrows.

Fire Arrows

The task of fire arrows is quite simple. They will help you to put items and enemies on fire. In addition to their higher damage value, they can also convince as a door opener. Locked doors can be opened namely by means of fire arrows and a canister. Throw a canister close to a door and shoot it with this special arrow. The door explodes and opens your path.

Once you have unlocked the ability napalm arrows, the damage of the fire arrows is increased.

You need the following material to craft these special arrows:

Silent Arrows 2x
Cloth 1x
Oil 1x

Poison Arrows

Poison arrows are very useful items for fighting because they distribute a poison damage to force the enemy to their knees. These special arrows set on impact released a toxic cloud which poisons nearby enemies. To craft these arrows you have to complete the immortality quest and find mushrooms.

You need the following material to craft these special arrows:

Silent Arrows 2x
Cloth 1x
Mushrooms 3x

Explosive Arrows

Unlike the fire arrows you don’t need additional canisters for these special arrows to make them explode. You hit the ground one, detonate and shake the opponents.

The damage from these arrows will increase once you have unlocked the cluster bombs arrows capability.

You need the following material to craft these arrows

Silent Arrows 2x
Magnesite 4x

Armor Piercing arrows

To get armor-piercing arrows, you must complete the quest "The Lost City". There you have to fight a lot, so you equip well with poison and Greek Fire arrows. These are a simple upgrade of fire arrows. However, the armor-piercing special arrows are the normal arrows that simply get the armor-piercing option.

The "Cluck Cluck" card and the Chicken Arrows

In the Expeditions mode, you can unlock the "Cluck Cluck" card, then you can use chickens as an arrow to shoot down opponents. Yes, you heard right. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, you can fire at your opponents with chicken arrows.


  1. I have everything necessary to craft an arrow to ignite fire but its not working...and the cans are not blowing up when i throw them... Nothing happens. Ive contacted steam forum and they say how to do these tasks, but its not working like they instructed. Any ideas?


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