The Witness: solve all riddles and puzzles - guide

The freely explorable island of The Witness is full of riddles and puzzles that need to solve. If you don’t understand the logic of certain puzzles or are looking for solutions, we give you some useful assistance in this guide.

The Witness: General tips for the puzzles

All puzzles in The Witness operate on the same principle. At switchboard it is from a round starting point to find the exit. At the beginning this is quite simple, but with new rules and logic that you must understand it only once, gradually more difficult. In addition, the panels are just the beginning, because you can always start at any time by pressing a button corresponding to paint strokes in the countryside and so to solve puzzles. It is also important to be at the right spot to discover a new point of view and to be able to solve puzzles like this.

From this simple backbone of unfold in The Witness increasingly complex puzzle whose logic you need to understand. In addition, completing puzzles unlock new links. This you recognize on the cables of the various panels that light up to begin after success. If you follow these cables, they lead you to open new puzzles and so at the end about locked gates or areas. Also mind if you fail at a puzzle that must be solved prior panel again to get the cable connection alive.

The castle

After you leve at the beginning of the cave, the castle is the first area in which it is to solve various puzzles panel. This enabled cable connections that release gradually the last puzzle to open the gate to the castle. In the castle there are six panels plus the panel the target. Follow the cable from the gate to find them all.

- Logic puzzles: Simple. There is a solid starting point and starting and we need only find its way through the maze.

Outside the castle: Door to Bunker

After you leave the castle, you follow a link. Right then you see a glimpse of the village, including the port, while it is applied to another mystery left. You see a locked door with puzzles panel to a bunker. This is slightly more complicated and consists of two distinct elements which have to observe. It applies both to the black to separate from the white squares and additionally collect all the black points on the way. In addition, the whole thing is complicated by a number of start and end points.

Towards the apple trees: Mystery wayside

If you follow the link on Bunker passing on, you come to a fork. It goes to the glass factory and on the right it goes to the pink apple tree. Previously, however, you see the left and right at the roadside two other puzzles in the form of multiple screens side by side. Link in the open field, the blue and the green right in a hut. When the green Panel, your task is to collect all black dots. This is a little more difficult with each additional screen.

On the path you see nine blue screens side by side. These puzzles are constructed according to the logic that you have to separate the black and white squares in order to progress. These puzzles are getting harder to the right.

Apple trees

The pink Apple tree shine you already receive from afar. Here you must again follow different switchboards, which are connected by cables and the opening at the end of a wooden door to a mill.

- Logic puzzles: Under the pink trees are also common green, on which depends in each case a red apple. Before each of these trees you will find a panel. These are structured as a tree. A starting point (root) with multiple objectives (branches). You must select the output on which depends the apple. This is becoming increasingly difficult, because the trees are increasingly more intertwined or you have to look at it from a certain perspective, to find the solution. Later, individual branches have been broken off, which gives you additional hints.


The glass factory is located in the west of the island. First you need to open the door. Inside you have to solve several puzzles sequences to enable the cable connections that lead you finally to the island of symmetry.

- Logic puzzle: This is about symmetry. You must perform two lines simultaneously through the maze to the two destinations.

Island of symmetry

The cable of the glassworks leads you to the island of symmetry, where you can expect at the top of the first laser. Before, however, you must solve a lot of other symmetrical puzzles.

- Logic puzzles: Again you have two lines bring symmetry to the destination. However, now increase the difficulty. So you have it partially symmetrically opposed from each other and move again collect points on the road. In addition, the lines have some other colors and must be done at the corresponding points.

After the final puzzle solved on the island and the laser is activated, you receive the achievement or trophy Symmetry.

This Guide is currently under construction and is continuously supplemented with the other solutions of the puzzles. So check it out regularly.


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