Android: guide to detect and remove viruses from smartphone

If your Android phone is not working properly or you experience any strange behaviour, then probably your Android phone is infected with a virus. In our step-by-step guide we will show you how to detect the malicious threat, remove the virus from your Android smartphone and protect your device against malicious software in the future.

- Android virus infection: detect malicious software and remove it from the Smartphone
- HummingBad virus: Current risk for Android smartphones
- No virus was found - what now?
- Prevent the virus infection

Malignant malicious software is not only an issue with PC users but also smartphone users have to deal with. Because viruses and other threats not only gain full control over your device, but also collect and transfer your private data over the Internet to the attacker.

Once opened the attachment of a spam email or a dubious link and already there is a risk that a virus, malware or spyware program may infect your smartphone. But also on the Google Play Store, it is quite possible to catch malicious software through infected downloads on your smartphone.

Step 1 - Install Antivirus Software

- As in the domestic PC, you should install an anti-virus program on your smartphone.
- Open the Google Play Store and search the name of an anti-virus program. For example: Avira Antivirus Security. Select and install the app.
- Wait a few seconds and will start the new virus guard software installation process.

Step 2 - Check Your System

- When you first start Avira Antivirus Security app your system normally automatically checks for viruses, malware or other harmful software.
- Otherwise, you can start a virus scan by tap on the main page of the app "Antivirus" and then click "Scan".
- If a malicious program is found, you can remove it directly from your smartphone with the anti-virus program.

No Virus Was Found - What Now?

If your anti-virus program scan but din not find any virus, but still feared a threat of infection, you can reset your Android phone to factory settings and then all the data including the threat will be removed from your device.

Also, you can install a second virus program from another manufacturer on your smartphone, and perform a new virus scan. Due to possible differences in the timeliness and scope of the virus database, you maybe able to track the threat in this way. Notice here that you shouldn’t have more virus programs installed simultaneously on your system. Therefore, to avoid complications, you should uninstall unneeded one.

Prevent The Virus Infection on Android Phone

To avoid a new viral infection on your Android smartphones in the future, you should install an anti-virus program on your device, and whenever possible keep this up to date as soon as possible.

We also recommend that you create regular backups of your device. With a backup your infected device can restore the normal condition without losing any data.

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