FIFA 18: Alex Hunter Returns - What's new in The Journey 2

In FIFA 18: The Journey, you slip into shoe of the young football player Alex Hunter. Together with your friend Gareth Walker, you are at the beginning of your professional career in the Premier League. The action takes place not only on the field, but also on the training ground, in the office, at Alex's home or in the cabin. An important character is your grandfather, Jim Hunter, who was a successful footballer and guides you as well.

The story mode includes a season and you decide with your achievements on the field, whether your club enters the title at the end. In FIFA 18, the second season is set for Alex Hunter.

In the following video, the question is whether Alex Hunter will stay at his club or whether he will move into a new league. Apparently, he entered the international stage in FIFA 18.

However, this does not happen directly to the start of the league. According to EA it is only for Alex in a summer break to Brazil and then in a season preparation tour to Los Angeles. This is how you will experience the life of a professional footballer in all its facets.

The fans can look forward to a top cast in The Journey: Hunter Returns. Cristiano Ronaldo and several other footballers will make a performance in Story mode. In the story mode of FIFA 17 featured the Premier League coach and top players such as Marco Reus or Ángel Di María.

Further information:

- The big goal of Alex is to be Real Madrid.

- The Journey will cover six chapters, where Alex Hunter is sent around the world.

- Former characters such as his mother, his grandfather or his manager Michael Taylor will be there again. There will also be new characters. In the trailer, there is a woman to see - possibly the Alex’s girlfriend.

- In addition to Alex Hunter, other characters should also be playable.

- You'll be able to customize Alex's hairstyle and outfit.

- In dialogs, you will have different possibilities for answers. In FIFA 18, these will have a greater impact on the history of the game than before.

- You can play the games in the local multiplayer with a friend in the coop.