How Horde Mode Works in Aliens Fireteam Elite AFE?

In this article, we are going to cover what horde mode is all about, how to unlock it and how does horde mode work in Aliens Fireteam Elite?

So how do you unlock horde mode in AFE? Well, horde mode is pretty easy to unlock all you have to do is play through the main campaign of the game and once you finish the story mode and talk to the commander back on the Endeavor you unlock horde mode.

Now, how does horde mode work in AFE? Well, it's all about taking on waves of waves of Xenomorphs. Perhaps with a future DLC we'll get new maps with different factions but at the moment at the time of this guide we only have one map against the Xenomorphs. When you start the mission you'll enter the arena and you'll have access to an infinite ammo resupply cache as well as a consumable dispensary. Obviously, the ammo box can be used to resupply your ammo and the consumable item shop can be used to purchase in-game consumables whilst you're playing horde mode. But what currency do you spend on it? Well, after each wave you'll earn a set amount of currency, it's not based on kills it's just about completing waves. With this currency you can spend it in the item shop to help you survive the later waves if you so wish. Not every consumable item is available in the shop but there is a good variety but how do the waves work? Well, like we mentioned they get harder and harder with different Xenos appear in each wave. They're not all set, it can be random but for the most part around wave 4 you'll start encountering elite Xenomorphs that can cause difficulties.

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How do you complete horde mode? Well, the horde mode is endless but you have an option to extract at every 10 waves. The story behind this is that there is an engineering team or a Spec Ops team doing some work in the background to which you're defending them from the alien waves. Every 10 waves you have the option to withdraw as the team you're protecting has also withdrawn but you also have an option to continue the fight and they'll send in another team to do another task while you protect them. So there is no real true end to the missions. You can go on for as long as you wish and by extending the waves you're just testing your endurance and increasing your overall rewards. But in terms of difficulty there doesn't seem to be much change in the actual alien waves when you start going past wave 10. Once you keep going past every 10 waves so wave 11, wave 21, wave 31 so on and so forth the difficulties of the aliens seem to revert a little bit becoming easier than they were at wave 10, wave 20 and wave 30. Eventually, ramping up in difficulty once you approach the next milestone.

So it's all about endurance and testing yourself but what you get in terms of rewards well, for the most part the rewards are all about getting Credits to spend in the shop back on the Endeavor, Experience and a few extra additional rewards such as an Emote, Decals and more… 

You don't really get any attachments weaponry or anything like that and there are also no hidden caches as well found on these horde modes.

When it comes to health on Horde mode, the Xenos can drop first aid packs. I know it sounds a little bit funny and out of place but occasionally when you kill a Xeno a first aid kit will actually pop out of them, they seem to be random but keep an eye out for them. On top of that there are three first aid kits scattered around the map so it's a good idea to take note of where these are located in case of emergency.

The final tip I can give is that Horde mode is definitely a struggle bus when it comes to playing it with AI. Horde mode is so much easier when you play with friends and other humans. The AI unfortunately isn't smart enough to get out of the way of Xenomorph bursters and the more elite enemies so they often are a detriment to your overall progress. So that's something to be aware of. 


  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for writing this. And about the AI at the end, you're definitely right, the end of wave 9 and the start of wave 10 is when my ai companions died outright (on standard), so it is possible to get through yourself but you need to know what you're doing and probably bring some hardened incendiary turrets.


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