4 (Four): Song List Revealed for Byonce’s new album

Beyonce Knowles fans can now see what songs will appear on her forthcoming album 4 (four), which will be released in the US on June 28, 2011 through Columbia Records. The new album consists of twelve songs including the lead single "Run the World Girls”.

Here is the complete track list

1. "1+1"

2. "I Care"

3. "I Miss You"

4. "Best Thing I Never Had"

5. "Party" (featuring Andre 3000)

6. "Rather Die Young"

7. "Start Over"

8. "Love on Top"

9. "Countdown"

10. "End of Time"

11. "I Was Here"

12. "Run the World Girls"

4, Four, Byonce, new, album, cd, cover, audioI was not really feeling about the lead single "Run the World Girls” at first but it has grown on me very fast after a few more listens and watching the associated video. I think Beyonce showcases her vocals brilliantly here and the song is very enjoyable. I have to say that she has grown musically since she started in Destinys Child. Beyonce is one of the few popular female singers out right now that can actually sing. She has a strong remarkable voice but prefers to sing songs with production, lyrics, and hooks that a rapper would use. Every song could be a hit, which is most likely the reason why Beyonce's releasing a video for every song. She's like the best female rap artist right now as she has some of the craziest lyrics I have ever heard that basically say she's the woman in charge.

Run the World Girls - Music Video

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