Aja’s High Tension is one of the Bloodiest Horror Movies of all time

I first saw this film when it was initially released in 2005. It is one of a rare type of horror films but I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I thought the twist made no sense, and made a good film into a piece of crap. However, I recently got a chance to watch it again, and after second viewing, I could watch the film and be more positive of what it does achieve.

High Tension was shot in the style of older 70's and 80's horror films and Alexandre Aja has accomplished what he has set out to do which is making a scary gore filled slasher film without resorting to cliches.

Alexandre Aja,High Tension,Bloodiest, Horror, Movies The story follows two French students, Marie (played by Cecile De France) and Alexia (played by Maiwenn Le Besco) who set off to Alex's parents house in rural France for leisure and uninterrupted study time since its exam week. When night falls, a stranger turns up in a rusty truck and brutally kills Alexia's family and then kidnaps Alex, and Marie manages to escape the killer's notice. Now it's up to Marie to save Alex.

Ending aside, the tension from the time the slayer enters into the house to the very end is spot on and unrelenting. The atmosphere has a frightening feeling to it, and the killer is truly threatening. Aja knows music and uses it very effectively to increase the tension of the movie. The script story-boarded as tightly as anything by the Coen Brothers, and the acting is also really well done.

If you are a gore fan, you will love this movie.

High Tension trailer


  1. I love this movie. Aja is an amazing director. The weird thing about him is that the his career is moving in reverse. Instead of roughing through making studio remakes in order to gain some clout to get financing for his own ideas, he used the clout he got from HIGH TENSION to make remakes! Amazing remakes (not MIRRORS so much) but I'd love to see him do another original idea!

  2. Aja has never disappointed me with his movies and I think High Tension was his best film followed by the Hills Have Eyes.


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