The long awaited Trailer for Tom Cruise MI4 finally released

Paramount Pictures has released the first video footage for its highly anticipated film of 2011 “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol” (M:i-4) the 4th installment in the franchise from the Academy Award wining director Brad Bird, and Tom Cruise is back in top form in his reprise role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt. The film will hit theaters on December 16, 2011.

With the 1st ‘M:i-1’, Tom Cruise and Brian De Palma created a neat film that made us think more than anything else. With the 2nd ‘M:i-2’, John Woo did what he does best and created a high octane thriller, but with the 3rd installment ‘ M:i-3’ J.J. Abrams does a one up on both earlier directors and delivers a firm mix of both, giving us a smart plot coupled with some great action sequences. A small majority of critics were not actually eager with it, but it laughed its way to the bank, with gross revenue of $400 million (worldwide). Five years, bizarre Cruise moments, and director changes, part four is about to land, now in the hands of "Brad Bird". Prepare yourself, because this is a thrill ride you can not miss it.

If you have seen the other Mission Impossible films, you should know what to expect with this one. The Plot Synopsis and Full Cast can be found at WikiImdb


Here is a new trailer

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (M:i-4) Trailer 2 - Official 2011 [HD]

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (M:i-4) Trailer

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