Final Destination 5 (FD5) out on DVD and Blu-ray in December

Warner Home Video and New Line Cinema will release their highly successful horror film “Final Destination 5”, the fifth installment of the franchise on DVD, Blu-ray and the Digital Copy on December 27, 2011. The releases will contain extra bonus materials such as Alternate Death Scenes, Circle of Death, Visual Effects of Death: Collapsing Bridge and Airplane Crash.

Final Destination 5 has received many positive reviews, with 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, and has already earned nearly 155 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

The first time director Steven Quale brings us the next horrifying sequel to the Final Destination franchise. Steven, who has spent most of his career under James Cameron, clearly has a sense of wittiness in addition to terror, and it proves during in what is not only the franchise most insane and overstated sequel, but also one of the most fanatical too. Not only is the FD5 frightening, but it is also brutal and volatile to boot. The film  is written by Eric Heisserer, spice up the series quite a bit, giving a new look to the roles and giving the 3rd act a lot required anxiety.

Final Destination 5, FD5, DVD, Blu-ray, digital copy, combo, review, releaseFD5 centers on a team of colleagues on their way to a corporate retreat. A few of them manage to survive in a terrible bridge collapse, thanks to the vision of Sam (played by Nick A'Gosto). In real "FD" style, things take a twist for the bad as Death approaches calling for the team, killing one by one in unbelievably cruel and bizarre ways. William Bludworth (played by Tony Todd) tells the team about death's plan, leading a chief of the team member to take things into his own hands. Now not only do the existing team members have death on their back, but they also have to be vigilant of each other and even of themselves.

The premise of the movie of the entire FD series remains the same. The impression that death is an inevitable force and predictable law of nature, is familiar to us but the FD series brought to us in a huge Hollywood motion picture setting, the idea that if the plan of death is changed then nature fix itself by producing random and freakish situation to eradicate those people anyway who were fated in the first place. All the previous FD films play on the idea that if you muddle with the plan of death then a very horrific death is anyhow unavoidably in store for you. When it comes to FD5, it is more practical to weigh against all previous films in the series.

The cast all do great jobs, it is filmed entirely in 3D and as a result the visual effects are excellent and the swiftness just moves along satisfactorily. The characters are in fact ordinary persons on a strike list, no strong depiction, but then, it isn't required! Some needless amounts of gore, and a few nudity scenes here and there and you have a movie to waste away the dullness welling up inside you.

Final Destination 5 - Trailer 2