Johnny Depp The Rum Diary movie Soundtrack CD Hit Stores in Nov.

For all you Soundtrack CD collectors out there, The Rum Diary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD is now available to pre-order on Amazon. Johnny Depp's new production company Infinitum Nihil will release the CD via Lakeshore Records on November 29, 2011.

The CD contains 25 tracks and almost all the tracks were written and composed by Christopher Young, except The Mermaid Song by Johnny Depp and Volare by Dean Martin.

The Rum Diary, movie, Soundtrack, CD, release Here is the complete track list

1. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) (Dean Martin)

2. Rum Diary (Christopher Young)

3. Suckfish and Snake (Christopher Young)

4. Mother of Balls (Christopher Young)

5. Chenault (Christopher Young)

6. Flagged Me Smiling (Christopher Young)

7. Pink Jelly Remains (Christopher Young)

8. Rockin' on Rooster (With My Dead Monkey's Mother) (Christopher Young)

9. Sweat Bee (Christopher Young)

10. Cock-Of-The-Rock (Christopher Young)

The Rum Diary - Official Soundtrack Preview - JOHNNY DEPP + Christoper Young

11. Black Note Blues (Christopher Young)

12. My Car the Cockroach (Christopher Young)

13. Neon Popsicles (Christopher Young)

14. Hefti-Tefti (Christopher Young)

15. He Must Be a Sadist (Christopher Young)

16. Puerto Rican Piss-Off (Christopher Young)

17. Whacking a Salesman (Christopher Young)

18. The Biggest Crook in New Jersey (Christopher Young)

19. Desperate Drunks and Postcard Loons (Christopher Young)

20. The Mermaid Song (Instrumental) (Johnny Depp)

21. What About El Monstruo? (JD Band)

22. Roll Out the Roosters (JD Band)

23. Kemp in the Village (Johnny Depp and JJ Holiday)

24. The Mermaid Song (Patti Smith)