MJB’s My Life 2 The Journey Continues (Act 1) due in November

The queen of Hip-Hop/R&B Soul singer and the song writer Mary J. Blige (MJB) returns with her tenth studio album, "My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1)", a follow-up to her sophomore album “My Life”. The standard edition of the album will contain fourteen songs while the deluxe edition will contain additional three bonus tracks. The first single off her new album titled “25/8” was released in September, and was reached at number 39 on the Hot R&B - Hip Hop Songs chart. It is a hip-hop/R&B banger. It's very catchy, unforgettable up-tempo ballad and can put you in a good mood. It shows climb, maturity, and the aptitude to affirm that she is able to be reliable with producing good music for a long period of time.

MJB has been around for two decades now, she debuted in 1992 with “What's the 411?” a revolutionary album that flawlessly joint Hip Hop and Soul and would turn into her trademark music, her second album “My Life” that was almost completely produced by Diddy perfected that music and was debatably the better of the two. MJB has truly managed her business with producing great music. It's so difficult to still be able to "sell albums" past your 20s in the entertainment industry. You need to keep up with the times. MJB has done exactly that, along with the assist of her followers who respect her skills with still producing music and personally with defeating the bitter, cruel, and real things that any one can endure in their life. She had a rough childhood and she constantly pays tribute to her earlier period with personal lyrics full of feeling and pains that a many of people in particularly in identical situation could relate too. She's emotional but self-assured and even if her music changed a lot through the years, she always feels like her old self.

hip hop, RB, Mary J. Blige, MJB, My Life 2, The Journey Continues (Act 1), cd, cover, album Here is the complete track list for Mary J. Blige’s The Journey Continues (Act 1), which slated for release on November 21, 2011.

Standard Edition:

1. "Next Level" (Intro)

2. "25/8"

3. "Feel Inside" (featuring Nas)

4. "Midnight Drive" (featuring Brook Lynn)

5. "Don't Mind"

6. "No Condition"

7. "Loving A Woman" (featuring Beyoncé)

8. "Mr. Wrong"

9. "Empty Prayers"

10. "Why" (featuring Rick Ross)

11. "Masterpiece"

12. "Living Proof"

13. "Describe"

14. "You Know U Want This"

Deluxe Bonus Edition

15. "Journey Continues"

16. "Miss Me With That"

17. "Someone to Love Me (Naked)" (featuring Lil Wayne & Diddy)

Mary J. Blige Live - [Dancing w/ The Stars] - 25/8


  1. Big Blige fan. Not so much in the 90's when I was loving on the Pac and Biggie, but after her New Millenium comback, and her history in that East Coast/West Coast stuff from back then, I developed a fascination for her music and her story. Her version of that 50 Cent tune (forget the title but it's always in my top 25 ipod faves) from a few years ago blew me away. Just great.


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