Official Synopsis for Death Race 3 (DR3) Revealed

Paul Anderson's remake of Roger Corman's classic Death Race 2000 was one of the few post-Event Horizon films he directed in recent times, and that actually success and ranks as one of my favorite action movies of all time. A sequel film was expected, but it was quite surprising that it would be a direct-to-video prequel directed by “Roel Reine”. At first glance of its huge production cost, you'll speculate why it did not reach theaters, but unless you're satisfied with the film giving up substance for style, you'll understand why soon. Despite its failure to reach a wider audience, “Roel Reine” still believes there is life in the series. According to a press release from the Universal Studios, the filming is currently underway in South Africa for the third installment in the franchise. “Roel Reine” once again on board to direct the film while Luke Goss, Danny Trejo and Ving Rhames return to reprise their roles as Carl 'Luke' Lucas, Goldberg and Weyland respectively. There is no tentative release date yet.

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Criminal cop-killer Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, is a most famous driver in the terrible prison yard knocking down derby recognized as Death Race. Only one race away from getting independence for himself and his team, Lucas is forced into an all-new contest more brutal than anything he has faced earlier. Pitted against his most callous opponents ever, Lucas struggles to keep himself and his colleagues alive in a competition in South Africa's Desert. With dominant forces at work behind the race to make certain his defeat, will his willpower to come first at all costs signify the end of the road for him?