We're Here with You: Julien-K Back with Sophomore Album

Julien-K is a new band formed by Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh from Orgy. Although the band itself is new, their astounding dark electro-rock hybrid music is anything but wet behind the ears.

When I purchased Shadow the Hedgehog several years ago, one thing I noticed about that game was its soundtrack. In particular, there was a track titled "Waking Up" by a band called Julien-K. I was pretty much amazed by the song, but when I searched the band on the internet, I couldn't find much on them. Then Michael Bay's Transformers hit the movie theaters in 2007. The film was okay, but my favorite moment most likely came during the credits when the track "Technical Difficulties" came on. I searched the singer, and it was again Julien-K. By now, I was really curious. After keeping up with their website for nearly two years, I was excited to buy their first album “Death to Analog”. And I must say, I was very impressed from my first listen.

And now Julien-K is back again with their sophomore album “We're Here with You”, slated for release on January 23, 2012 through Tiefdruck-Musik records.

we are here with you, julien-k, new, album, cd Complete Track Listing

1. "We're Here with You" (track lenght 5:04)

2. "Surrounded by Cowards" (4:58)

3. "Cruel Daze of Summer" (6:32)

4. "Breakfast in Berlin" (4:15)

5. "Palm Springs Reset" (5:00)

Live We're Here with You: Julien-K

6. "Colorcast" (4:50)

7. "Close Continuance" (4:50)

8. "Nights of Future Past" (5:30)

9. "Flashpoint Riot" (4:39)

10. "I'll Try Not to Destroy You" (5:07)

Bonus track

11. "The Hunting (Jay Baumgardner Mix)" (4:27)

12. "Everyone Knows (2004 Demo)" (4:07)