George Clooney's Newest Film The Monuments Men in the works

According to the Los Angelis Times, the actor, director, producer and screenwriter George Clooney is teaming up with Grant Heslov to adapt Robert Edsel’s bestselling novel “The Monuments Men” for Sony Pictures. George Clooney is also slated to direct and co-star in the film.

The film tells the story of eleven members of the MFAA division of the US Army in finding stolen French and Belgian art in the wake of the D-Day raid. The quantity of the theft was hard to depict. Literally hundreds of artifacts were stolen from people and museums and shipped to Germany. There, Hitler intended to exhibit these works in evidence to his own supremacy of the continent. But between raiding and eventual showcase, the works had to be concealed from the Allies and protected from the ravages of war. Dispersed in the hiding places, the Germans held the patrimony of numerous nations for itself.

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The story highlights the risky work of the MFAA, whose officers worked barely behind the front lines to prevent them from being damaged further.

Clooney had been connected to producing a movie based on the Smothers Brothers, but it looks like he has chosen to go forward on Monuments Men instead.