Tropico 4 DLC Cost 1200 MS Points Xbox / $19.99 PC Players

Fans have been waiting for the first installment of DLC for Tropico 4, have something to cheer up. Kalypso Media has disclosed that El Presidente and his supreme regime will be returning in a DLC pack title “Tropico 4: Modern Times”. The expansion pack will be available on the Xbox and PC, and will cost 1200 MS points for Xbox Live Arcade and $19.99 for PC. Tropico 4: Modern Times is scheduled for release in March 2012.

This expansion pack provides additional game features like 30 new buildings, new single player campaign and 10 new edicts. Complete list of new features can be found at

If you are unfamiliar with Tropico 4, it's a simulation video game where you play the role of El Presidente in a Caribbean island. You can't engage its residents’ actions directly but they'll act in response to the things you build and the rules you enact, you have to get your country’s financial system up and running and keep your residents happy. You build wealth by selling your resources and through tourism. You can construct hotels, factories, schools, farms, and so on. The game centers on two things: maintain the country’s economy and keep its people happy. In those regards Tropico 4 is very much sillier to its predecessor, with most of the same buildings and services. There's a small number of new token systems, such as a ministry building where skilled workforce can help reduce costs and improve efficiency, or various entertainment buildings like shopping malls and art museums.