Buckethead Electric Sea includes The Homing Beacon

Just how seriously can anyone take a giant guitarist who wears Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head? Well, once you set aside the gimmick and listen to what he does on the guitar, you may discover yourself pleasantly surprised. He has always been a musician who mystifies you, thrills you, lifts you, motivates you and disappoints you. Just when you sense you have a good grasp of his music, he turns around and hits back with something completely unexpected. The thing that is so remarkable about him, though, is that you can say that none of this is planned. Buckethead is just pursuing his muse and there are no pretensions you sense from. His influences to name some comprise Texas Chainsaw Massacre, MJ and Wu-Tang.

Buckethead’s upcoming 35th studio album Electric Sea is a follow-up to his 2002 “Electric Tears” that contains eleven tracks, including "The Homing Beacon" a tribute song in honor of late singer Micheal Jackson. Buckethead is set for release on February 21, 2012 through label Metastation.

Buckethead Electric Sea Track List

1. "Electric Sea" (Track length 6:26)

2. "Beyond the Knowing" (3:54)

3. "Swomee Swan" (4:43)

4. "Point Doom" (5:15)

5. "El Indio" (7:20)

6. "La Wally" (3:46)

7. "La Gavotte" (2:53)

8. "Bachethead"(2:05)

9. "Yokohama" (2:52)

10. "Gateless Gate" (1:58)

11. "The Homing Beacon" (6:53)

Listen to Buckethead's "The Homing Beacon"