Carrie Underwood's new album due in May, Blown Away, tracks

After winning American Idol, selling over 12 million copies of her three albums, and taking home several awards to count on both hands, Carrie Underwood has returned with her fourth studio album (yet to be titled), which will be produced by her long-time producer Mark Bright. The new album will be released on May 01, 2012. According to Carry, the first single "Good Girl" off her upcoming album titled “Blown Away” premiered on radios February 23, 2012.

One of the most difficult things for any AI to make is shed the image that has been formed for them through one of the top shows on Television. Just finishing in the top is now grounds for record business. Previous winners and runners-up have come away with records that sound just like what they are: created artists. Carrie is no divergent than all the others. She has much more to support. The show has created immense talent with mediocre outcomes. It has taken Kelly Clarkson several years to show that she's the real thing. Writing her own singles and building her real, less shiny image has made some of the best records in recent years. On the other Hand, Carrie well aware of her niche and it is in the same musical style as Sheryl Crow and Faith Hill. carrie underwood, new, album, cd, cover, good girl Her first album “Some Hearts”, she delivered what was not only the greatest and most solid record by any American Idol alumnus to date, but also the most excellent female vocal performance of any record of 2005. Since then, she persists to grow as a singer and delivers nothing less than her best and her fans love her for it.

Confirmed tracks

"Good Girl"

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