Keane Strangeland songs, You Are Young, Disconnected

Like so many bands to come of age since the dawn of the new millennium, Keane has soaked up the dynamics and mystery of Radiohead and Coldplay, their contemporary influences can be distinctly heard in their music. While paying tribute to those influences, the band still manages to produce a sound that is all their own. Keane’s line-up consists of Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin. Tom Chaplin's vocals are touching, mixing flawlessly with Tim Rice-Oxley's classy piano, Jesse Quin’s bass make their music more powerful and Rich Hughes does a great work anchoring the songs with his sound drumming.

The band revealed details about their upcoming album “Strangeland”. The band’s forth overall release will be available for purchase on May 07, 2012 through Island records. Billboard magazine confirmed that "Silenced by the Night" will serve as the fist single from the album.

Keane's Strangeland trailer


1. "You Are Young"

2. "Silenced by the Night"

3. "Disconnected"

4. "Watch How You Go"

5. "Sovereign Light Cafe"

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6. "On the Road"

7. "The Starting Line"

8. "Black Rain"

9. "Neon River"

10. "Day Will Come"

11. "In Your Own Time"

12. "Sea Fog"