Lone Survivor Movie Adaptation in the works, Peter Berg

A movie version of Marcus Luttrell's 2009 novel, Lone Survivor, is in the works, according to Deadline. Emmett/Furla films will finance the project and Universal Pictures will distribute it internationally. Peter Berg, who directed the Battleship may helm the movie adaptation of Lone Survivor. Taylor Kitsch, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster are currently in negotiation to play Navy SEALs. The filming is expected to start this fall, with a release date likely to be sometime in 2013.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it follows Marcus Luttrell and Navy SEAL Team. They are on a mission to kill or arrest one of the Taliban leaders, accountable for the loss of several U.S. solders. As their assignment unfold, a group of four officers finds themselves overlooking a rural Afghan village watch silently in close by mountains to catch a sight of their target. They have their snipers focused closely on the village in anticipation of the arrival of the terrorist when all of a sudden, three innocent sheep herders bump into their place. Immediately they capture the herders and discuss their setback: If they release them, they face a real risk that the herders will go back to the town and notify the Taliban of their presence. If they destroy them, they will be faced with criminal charges back in the US. After a great deal of debate, they decide to free the herders. This becomes the grave decision that defines operation, and makes `Lone Survivor' a wonderful story.