Animal Collective to drop Centipede Hz in Sept, 7" Cover Art

One could affirm that Animal Collective's career has been on a steady path toward accessibility. It is, of course, a relative word, and it relies on who you ask; there are several for whom the band's screaming vocals and eccentric riffing will never feel welcoming. But most of the group's resent hits are accessible in that they use components generally found in a pop song, for example choruses, beats, and clear words.

Their last album was much more rockish than any other effort, but they still swapped among tribal, add pop & soupy ambient parts. The group must have comprehended that their pop singles best held audience’s interest, because their last album ODDSAC was almost entirely comprised of them.

It's been two years since we've heard new music from Animal Collective. Now, they are gearing up to release their next studio album Centipede Hz, set for release on September 4, 2012 through Domino. The album will contain the following songs:

1. Moonjock

2. Today's Supernatural

3. Rosie Oh

4. Applesauce

5. Wide Eyed

6. Father Time

7. New Town Burnout

8. Monkey Riches

9. Mercury Man

10. Pulleys

11. Amanita

Earlier on May, Animal Collective released a 7" digital bundle containing two singles "Honeycomb" and "Gotham".

Animal Collective "Gotham" Live