Pink next album The Truth About Love out in September

Pink has been consistently raising the bar for herself. Her first record, while first-class in its own right, noticeably was not a true reflection of the singer she really wanted to be. Upon the drop of her sophomore record, more of her grainy style came to light and uncovered that she was much more entertaining than the simple confines of R&B and pop allowed her to be. In many circumstances, she was quite rocking and has done almost all in music, R&B, Pop and Rock. She's a risk taker that is doing what she feel whether you like it or not and she always had meaningful things to say in her songs, whether it's about having fun, politics or personal problems.

Pink has recently revealed her new album, titled “The Truth About Love”, that will be out on September 18, 2012. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss) was release as the first promotional single from the album”.

Standard Edition Track Listing

1. "Are We All We Are"
2. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"
3. "Try"
4. "Just Give Me a Reason" (featuring Nate Ruess)
5. "True Love" (featuring Lily Allen)
6. "How Come You're Not Here?"
7. "Slut Like You"
8. "The Truth About Love"
9. "Beam Me Up"
10. "Walk of Shame"
11. "Here Comes the Weekend" (featuring Eminem)
12. "Where Did the Beat Go?"
13. "The Great Escape"

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

14. "My Signature Move"
15. "Is This Thing On?"
16. "Run"
17. "Good Old Days"

iTunes Bonus Tracks

18. "Chaos & Piss"
19. "Timebomb"

Pink, The Truth About Love, CD, Cover, Image, Front

Pink, album, cd, The Truth About Love, new, front, cover, image