The Vaccines revealed Come of Age, tracklist

As a fan of many of the contemporary groups, The Vaccines are a great addition to my collection. I believe they are representing a particular genre of this time that is apparently influenced by diverse groups of each era, dating back to the classic music of the 50s and 60s - so when listeners criticize that they are unoriginal, I'm not certain they have a good grasp of culture. None of these persons are totally original, only they find unique ways to convey something that is already exist. But the way they convey this style and sound feels truly emotional and special. I do believe that groups that offer or make an augmentation to the sound are artistically more estimable, and, in my mind, have more staying power. I am not certain The Vaccines truly add or augment anything appreciably to that end rather than just staying happily within the genre.

The Vaccines is back in the studio working on their sophomore album “The Vaccines Come of Age”, set for release on September 03, 2012 through Columbia Records. The standard edition of the album will contain eleven tracks as listed below:

1. No Hope
2. I Always Knew
3. Teenage Icon
4. All in Vain
5. Ghost Town
6. Aftershave Ocean
7. Weirdo
8. Bad Mod
9. Change Of Heart pt. 2
10. I Wish I Was A Girl
11. Lonely World

The Vaccines - Teenage Icon - Live

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