M.I.A to drop her fourth album Matangi this fall

When I first heard about her from a brief article in a news paper, I was both intrigued by the details of her music and captivated with her back story. From that press release, I came to know that she was an immigrant from Sri Lanka who now is a rising visual artist and singer based out of UK. After searching online for more details about her, I discovered that critics had almost nothing but good things to say about her music.

M.I.A will release her fourth studio album Matangi this fall, she revealed the track list for her forthcoming album via her twitter account, which you can see below. You may notice her latest single “Bad Girls” is missing, but she has confirmed that the song will be included on the final track list.

Uppdated: M.I.A revealed track list for her new album "Matangi"

Track List

1. "Bring The Noise"    
2. "Come Walk With Me"    
3. "Refugee-In-Tent"    
4. "Have It A---"    
5. "People"    
6. "Only 1"    
7. "Rain"    
8. "You My Love"    
9. "Better Sw--"    
10. "Balcony In B---"    
11. "Tentple"    
12. "Bad Girls"  

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