Christina Aguilera to drop Lotus next month, Your Body review

Christina Aguilera is a woman of great talent, but is often unseen, like so many other musicians with real talent, in these days of synthesized pop. Christina is always trying to do something totally different than any other material she's released earlier. She provides her fans something fresh to listen to every single time. However, her melodic notes haven't been as sturdy lately with her previous record “Bionic” lacking the drive.

It’s been two years since she released her sixth studio album “Bionic”, Christina is back with her seventh studio album “Lotus”, produced by Alex da Kid, Max Martin, Lucas Secon, Shellback, Chris Braide and Step. Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton will make a guest appearance on the record. Your Body was released as the lead single from the album. The song has a smooth feel to it, yet it is still enjoyable. I praise her vocals here. She focuses on the track and not "over singing" or shattering. Her new album “Lotus” will be out on November 13, 2012. If the rest of the record is like the lead single, it will be a big hit!

Lotus standard edition track list:

1. "Lotus Intro" (track length 3:17)   
2. "Army of Me"  3:26
3. "Red Hot Kinda Love" 3:06   
4. "Make the World Move" (featuring Cee Lo Green) 2:59
5. "Your Body"   3:59 
6. "Let There Be Love" 3:21 
7. "Sing for Me" 4:00 
8. "Blank Page" 4:04 
9. "Cease Fire" 4:07 
10. "Around the World" 3:24 
11. "Circles" 3:25 
12. "Best of Me" 4:08 
13. "Just a Fool" (with Blake Shelton) 4:13

Christina Aguilera, Lotus, standard edition, CD, cover, front, image

Lotus deluxe edition track list:

14. "Light Up the Sky" 3:30 
15. "Empty Words" 3:47 
16. "Shut Up" 2:52 
17. "Your Body" (Martin Garrix Remix) 5:12

Christina Aguilera, Lotus, your body, single, cover, image