Die Hard 5 Blu-Ray / DVD extended edition bonus features

Bruce Willis’ Die Hard (DH) films constitute one of my favorite film series like the Godfather franchise. The DH films have always been made with good production value and a bit of humor, regardless of being known for its explosions and macho appeal. The main storyline that runs all throughout the DH series is the loose cannon of a NY police officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) who finds himself rutted against world class criminals. That clash between good and bad is the central classic plot in all five DHs, and in my opinion it works much better in the first three movies.

In this latest installment of DH franchise "A Good Day to Die Hard," McClane is back. This time, he's in Russia, and his son, Jack (Jai Courtney) is about to stand trial. John wants to reconcile before his son thrown in jail, he makes it to the courtroom right as his son escapes.

If you missed to see this film in theaters, you’ll be able to catch it when the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment releases it on DVD, Blu-ray and two-disc Blu-ray extended edition with over 120 minutes of bonus material, on June 4, 2013.

Disc -1 (Blu-ray) contains following extras:

Extended Cut of the Film
Deleted Scenes
Jack Scopes Out Courthouse
Collins Gets Approval to Move
John McClane Original Introduction
Russian Girls on Plane
Safe House Intrusion
Gun Store
Fight with Anton
Making it Hard to Die
Helicopters and Aerial
Special Effects
Motion Base
Russia and Budapest
The Look of the Movie
Camera Work
Editorial Los Angeles
Color Grading
Visual Effects
Film Scoring
Wrap Up
Anatomy of a Car Chase
Two of a Kind
Back in Action
The New Face of Evil
Cold Opening
Truck Chase
VFX Sequences
Stills: Gallery
Concept Art
Theatrical trailers
Commentary by Director John Moore and First Assistant Director Mark Cotone
Maximum McClane

The disc -2 will contain only the film

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