Fitz and The Tantrums to drop More Than Just a Dream this May

Fitz And The Tantrums (F&TT) are an indie pop band who hailed from California. Their lead vocalist Michael Fitzpatrick got his start as the engineer for producer Mickey Petralia. He formed a band that comprised former frontwoman of The Rebirth Noelle Scaggs, and session musicians John Wicks, Jeremy Ruzumna and James King. It was then he named the new group with a name that was a play on words. In April 2010, they signed with the label Dangerbird Records and dropped their first album "Pickin' Up The Pieces". Even though the album was short, it was full of life and filled with a variety of music. There was great interplay between Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs. The instrumentation was reminiscent of pop and soul music from the sixties and seventies, but the lyrics were definitely modern.

F&TT are currently gearing up to release their sophomore album “More Than Just A Dream” on May 07, 2013. It will release through their new label Elektra Records and will available as standard and deluxe editions.

F&TT More Than Just A Dream Standard edition:

1. "Out of My League"  
2. "Fools Gold"  
3. "The Walker"  
4. "Spark"  
5. "6AM"  
6. "Keepin Our Eyes Out"  
7. "Last Raindrop"  
8. "Break the Walls"  
9. "House On Fire"  
10. "The End"  
11. "Get Away"  
12. "MerryGoRound"

F&TT More Than Just A Dream deluxe edition:

13. "Tell Me What Ya Here For"  
14. "Out of My League (Remix)"  
15. "Out of My League (Video)"

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