Michael Buble to drop To Be Loved in April, 2013 live dates

Michael Buble is one of those rare singers that endeavored to spice up vocal Jazz in a period when the genre has lost ground and got outshined by many trendy and contemporary musical genres. Blessed with a wonderful voice, Michael got an outstanding resemblance with Frank Sinatra at his prime and possibly he's the natural successor. What makes him even more remarkable is that there are hardly any rivals of his music at the present, consequently making him the provider of Jazz-Pop to a new generation that may never have heard much of Frank and Dean Martin in the first place. But also that he attempts to combine both classic vocal jazz, pop standards and modern music.

In fact he has made quite a few records in the past, but it was his self titled debut album that caught the attention to a lot of hype, achieved multi platinum status. His sophomore album "It's Time" proved that he was no fluke and it was also a huge success, selling six million copies world wide. His next three albums aren't that different from the first two albums where he once again elegantly blended classic Jazz-Pop with Pop standards and some new materials as well.

Michael Buble is currently gearing up to drop his sixth album titled “To Be Loved” on April 15, 2013 through 143, Reprise. Michael’s longtime friend and collaborator Bob Rock once again handled the production. "It's A Beautiful Day" will serve as the lead single from the album. To Be Loved will have the following track list.

Michael Buble,To Be Loved, New Album, Cover, Image
1. "You Make Me Feel So Young"  
2. "It's A Beautiful Day"  
3. "To Love Somebody"  
4. "Who's Lovin' You"
5. "Somethin' Stupid" (featuring Reese Witherspoon)  
6. "Come Dance with Me"  
7. "Close Your Eyes"  
8. "After All" (featuring Bryan Adams)  
9. "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?" (featuring Naturally 7)    
10. "To Be Loved"    
11. "You've Got a Friend in Me"    
12. "Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)" (featuring The Puppini Sisters)  
13. "I Got It Easy"    
14. "Young at Heart"

Michael also revealed his upcoming 2013 tour schedule in support of his new album. The tour will kick off on June 30, 2013 in London at O2 Arena and will wrap up on July 20, 2013 in Dublin at 02 Aren. The tour schedule and setlist are as follows:

June 30 to July 13, 2013 O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom
July 15, 2013 O2 Arena, Dublin, Ireland