Summit offers Warm Bodies on Digital ahead of its disc debut

After seeing couple of teasers and videos for Warm Bodies, I felt it was a film I had to see. It's based on a popular book written by Isaac Marion and directed by Jonathan Levine from his on own script. The film stars Nicholas Hoult as R, Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio and Rob Corddry as M.

It is surprisingly witty and charming film probably aimed at young adult audiences but it has something for everyone. Jonathan has done a decent job adapting the book while staying true to the source. But it's Nicholas and Teresa who finally make it as charismatic as it is. I found myself attached to these two characters by the end of the film and I didn't want it to end. I actually read the novel afterwards because I wanted to know more about them. Nicholas and Teresa breathe so much life into these characters. I like watching “R” slowly, subtlety regain his humanity. There are not too many young actors who could pull off these two characters believably, and they get that at so young age is amazing.

Also the music score is very much connected to the story. Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders composed the music just flawlessly for all the scenes of this movie.

Summit Entertainment have officially announced that they will release Warm Bodies as a digital download on May 14, 2013 and DVD and Blu Ray on June 4 2013. Both discs will contain the following extras: