Total War: Rome 2 (TWR2) PC specs may not so demanding

I've been following Total War game franchise since I started playing MTW, and the series brings together turn based strategy and real time strategy in a great way. The player creates cities with a range of various buildings and uses them to develop large defense forces. Where many other games offer maximum of 100 soldiers, total war offers armies in the 1000s. On the turn based map, the gamer also moves about agents to establish political affairs and to do the rare undercover agent work. When soldiers hold on the turn-based map, a real time combat mode starts in which strategy really matters.

Rome Total War is probably the best game in the TW game series. The visuals are top-notch and the artificial intelligence truly has some strategy as compare to other game in the series in which the AI gets place in one strategy or attack path and never differentiates its tactics. Also the strategy of AI players varies especially among the different factions in the game. Some use a mixture of archery and cavalry of wear your people down, while others like to use suicidal charges that intimidate to crack your lines. But it doesn't end there because the AI can always manage to surprise you.

After playing the RTW all these years, I am glad to hear that they are doing a sequel “Total War: Rome 2” and it is set to come out on September 3, 2013. The developer has also confirmed that that the minimum system requirements for TWR 2 are far more manageable and not that demanding. TWR 2 is said to run quite nicely on regular PCs.

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