FB: How to Stop Social Advertisements with your Name

With "Social Advertising", seemingly personal recommendations to your friends, Facebook (FB) is earning a substantial income. Here you will learn what you need to do to ensure that your personal information will not be used for advertising.

Have you ever wondered whether FB use your profile/personal information to advertise products? The simple answer is: Yes! FB calls this feature "social advertising" where they show public ads exclusively to your friends. This feature is enabled by default and if you leave it on FB will use your name and maybe even your profile picture for advertisement. The insidious thing about this is that you will never get to see these ads and you really don’t know whether they reflect your interests and preferences.

If you don’t want FB to use your personal information in advertisements, then you can turn off them from your profile easily by following the below steps:


Log in to Facebook and then click the small icon on the top right, and from the drop down menu select the account settings and then click Ads.


Click Edit on "Ads and friends" and then PAIR MY SOCIAL ACTIONS WITH ADS setting select No One and then save your changes.

Step - 3

Click Edit on "Third Party Sites" and then IF WE ALLOW THIS IN THE FUTURE, SHOW MY INFORMATION TO setting select No One and then save your change.

Now, you are protected against the use of your personal information for advertising.