Ne-Yo Explains Beyonce's new album Delay

Ne-Yo , one of the collaborators of Beyonce’s upcoming album pointed out the reason for the delay in release of her much anticipated new material. The singer revealed to the Billboard magazine that they are still working on the album. "I'm still putting things for Beyonce’s album but her team is still trying to work out what they want that to be and I am not crazy about it. She is the kind of singer who does not reveal anything until everything is perfect and her fans love her, so they’ll wait.

Another contributor to the singer, The-Dream, promised that fans would hear the first single in January, as a way to increase the anticipation for the Super Bowl in February. However, the performance took place without disclosing any new song.

The singer has released several new songs such as such as "Grown Woman", "Rise Up" and "Standing on the Sun" but no word yet on whether these songs will feature on her new album.

Listen to Beyonce's "Rise Up" from the Epic soundtrack and Grown Woman