Saints Row 4 requires a DX 11 Compatible VGA Card (GPU) / PC

The highly praised Saints Row franchise is back with Saints Row 4 being the next game in the franchise. It is an action-adventure open world video game that is played from a 3rd-person perspective. This open-world game offers a mix of action plus driving game play, and the player can freely walk around the game environment opting to play the game's main story quests or various side missions offers throughout the game world.

As in its predecessors, you play as the leader of the street gang "The Third Street Saints." Meanwhile, he has ascended to the President of the USA. When the alien attack taken place. The president is sent to a simulation of Steelport with enormous super powers, it is important to save the mankind from aliens. It is up to you to rid the Saint out of his dilemma and to save the world.

Valve's online video game distributor Steam has published the Hardware and Software Requirements for their upcoming action video game Saints Row 4. These requirements are considerably higher than the previous installment in the franchise, Saints Row 3.

The Saints Row 4 brings more than just new gameplay - it embraces much better graphics features and raises the minimum and recommended configurations considerably high. New DirectX 11 features will require more than just a basic PC with high end video card (GPU).

In order to run the Saints Row 4 without any errors, your PC must meet the following hardware and software requirements:

Saints Row 4, SR4, Minimum, Recommended, System Specs

Saints Row 4