The Last of Us Walkthrough: The Suburbs: 10 Artifacts, 4 Firefly Pendants, 2 Training Guidebooks, 2 Comics

Artifact 1: Boat Note

At the start of the level, Ellie will point us to a boat. Here we will find both a new comic and a note on the boat deck.

Artifact 2: Sewer Note

Sam and his brother run to the left of the sewer line, while Joel and Ellie have the option to collect additional supplies. For this purpose, a small grid on the right end of the corridor needs to be demolished by Joel. Elli climbs up; breaks down the door and Joel then plug in, the new artifact on the other side.

Artifact 3: Trading Note

Make sure that the chain is no longer blocked, Henry pulls the gate up, Joel swims down and continues through the next area via R2 then you can also make two equal Clickers identified. Open the door, turn off both safely and the Trading Note in the room.

Artifact 4: Rain Catcher Note

Look for the door at the right side going to a room with full of blue barrels where you can find some supplies and the rain catcher note.

Artifact 5: Cornered Note

After enter the door to your left you will find a very sad figure. Three shot dead kids and an adult's body lying on the floor. The note beside them

Artifact 6: Kids Drawing

While sneaking through the sewer with Sam, you stumble across a small classroom. The drawing is on a book shelf.

Artifact 7: Looting Note

After you leave from the sewer, you will see the radio tower. Enter the first house and take the first door on the left go up stairs and collect the note.

Artifact 8: Note from Father

Here you will find another house, located right next to the ice cream truck. Enter the house and take the stairs to the second floor and walk through the first door on the left, where you will find the note on the table next to the TV.

Artifact 9: Note from Survivors

After the second house there is another building with number 5 at the main entrance. Enter the building go to the first floor and in the bedroom next to the PC you will find the Note.

Artifact 10: Matchbook

In the same house, go to the attic. There you will find the match pack and some arrows. Collect them and run back to downstairs where you will find the safe next to the bed open it and collect the supplies.

Firefly Pendant 1: Josh Scheffler

In the boat, where you will also find the first comic, you climb down and at the rear end of the boat you will find the pendant hanging on the net.

Firefly Pendant 2: Robert Righetti

You'll find a firefly pendant underwater; take a right down a blind alley.

Firefly pendant 3: Eddie Fuentes

Just before you run to the generator, in the tunnel on the right you climb up two stairs you will find the pendant in the water.

Firefly Pendant 4: Matthew White

You go to the last house on the street. There you climb left to the garden then you will see the Pendant down from the tree.

Training Guidebook 1: Bomb: Containment

After Joel has received the new pistol Shorty, climb up and then walk until stumbling into an alarm. Continuing straight, there’s an open cabinet with supplies on the left. You’ll find the manual there.

Training Guidebook 2: Melee: Techniques

In the red house next to the ice cream truck, where you found the Note from father, you have to look at the attic. There you pull the cord and boost Ellie up.

Comic 1: Antiparticles

After Ellie wakes you up and points you to a boat. There you will find the first comic.

Comic 2: Messenger Particle

In the blue house with number 5 at the entrance, walk to the bedroom and collect the new artifact next to the PC. In the bathroom, on the toilet bowl, you will find another comic book.