The Last of Us Walkthrough: Tommy's Dam: 2 Artifacts, 2 Firefly Pendant, 1 Training Guidebook, 2 Comics

Artifact 1: Power Plant Map

Inside the power Plant, in the small cabin behind you, you will find the map of the power plant.

Artifact 2: Plant Schematics

The story leads you through the power plant. You will come across a large blueprint of the power plant lying on the table in the control cabin.

Firefly Pendant 1: Ryan Oliverio

After the clash, go to the back room where the turbine is located, you will find the Pendant in the closet.

Firefly Pendant 2: Brent Pino

After find the ranch house walk straight into the back room, you will find the pendent on the desk.

Training Guidebook 1: Smoke: Chemistry

During the tour of the Tommy’s dam you will come across two technicians. Besides the two you will find a training guidebook for your smoke bombs.

Comic 1: Foreign Element

At the beginning of the chapter you climb hill and to the right, at the corner.

Comic 2: Zero Point

On the upper floor, where Ellie is staying, you will find another.