Nintendo Server Breach, Affected Over 20000 Accounts

These are tough times for online gamers, after cyber attacks on Sony, Microsoft and now Nintendo reports illegal hits on their players’ accounts. According to a media report hackers have cracked over 20,000 Club Nintendo members’ accounts in a month long attack. The hackers have stolen personal data such as Names, address, Telephone numbers and Passwords. However, credit card and bank account information are not affected.

The report not underlying Nintendo’s vulnerability rather, the criminals have done in combination with the selected insecure passwords. However, it remains unclear how the attackers were able to attack Nintendo's servers for a whole month without being detected.

However, the manufacturer has reset the passwords of affected accounts and recommends all the other users to change their passwords.

Those affected customers should pay more attention to phishing emails or even phone calls because their data could be potentially fall into the hands of criminals.