ROTT offers Dark War, Extreme RotT, BS Aliens of Gold, BS Planet Strike

Apogee Software finally set the release date for the HD remake of "Rise of the Triad" and those who Pre-order the game will get a retro pack for free.

It has become a little later than the originally intended: the HD remake of "Rise of the Triad" should release in 2012 under the title "Hunt". Now, there is a fixed release date with apparently a title change. In a recent trailer, the developer Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software announced the game for July 31, 2013 release under its original title.

Rise of the Triad will be available through download platforms such as Steam, Gog or the official Apogee Store. Those who order the game from now on will receive free games: "Rise of the Triad - Dark War," "Extreme Rise of the Triad," "Black Stone - Aliens of Gold "and" Black Stone - Planet Strike ".

ROTT, along with civilization and perhaps heretic were some of my favorite games during the mid nineties. Of course, it can't compare to present day games, but it did touch me in a way that cookie cutter games of today don't.