Audi S3 Sportback Car Comes with Long Term Evolution, LTE

From 0 to hundred in less than six seconds, Audi’s new S3 Sportback car attained not only on the road speed limits but also offers built-in LTE on the highway for a fast drive.

The S3 Sportback car will be the first model to come with LTE. From now on the S3 Sportback is integrated with LTE. For all the other versions of S3 will have to wait until November 2013. The services delivers including music, traffic information, weather report, Twitter feed, information about the nearest Gas Station and Google Street View maps over the Internet.

To activate the LTE service, simply insert a SIM card with a data plan. In addition to the built-in car systems, smartphones and tablets powered LTE. There is a Wi-Fi hotspot ready to which you connect your mobile device.

The integrated services call the Ingolstadt Audi Connect.