BBC may release another set of unheard material from Beatles

It seems that finally a second volume of previously unheard recordings by the Beatles for the BBC will be officially launched.

The first volume of the sessions came out in 1994 and since then almost nothing of this material saw the light of day. The fan site Wog Blog says that Universal plans to release "Live At The BBC Vol 2" on October 4.

According to the website, the album release will coincide with the release of a book about the quartet's recordings for the BBC radio station that will reach stores in the US and UK in the same period.

The main interest of these recordings is the fact that they catch the band playing in a relaxed way between the years 1963 and 1965. The group also used these programs to present some of songs they liked and that were never recorded in their official albums.

Some time ago the BBC asked that anyone who has unreleased recordings of Beatles to contact them. That's because the BBC often erase tapes after they aired.

Fortunately, most of these recordings have survived thanks to their fans who recorded those in their homes or in the transcription discs sent to radio broadcasters of other countries.